Gripper Ratings

This page lists various grippers ratings using the RGC and CoC scales. Various brands and levels are included and ratings are based on actual measurements.
These values are used in Grip Sport contests.
To see values for just a specific model of gripper click on the model in the left statistics section.

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Brand Model RGC Rating (lbs) RGC Rating (kg) CoC Rating Mount Spread Comment
Tetting - Beef BuilderBeginner49.00#22.23kg        
Tetting - Beef BuilderBeginner52.00#23.59kg        
Tetting - Beef BuilderBeginner58.00#26.31kg        
Tetting - Beef BuilderBeginner60.00#27.22kg#0.04      
Tetting - Beef BuilderBeginner60.70#27.53kg#0.07