Bending Steel Ratings

This page lists many common sizes and types of bars, bolts, etc that are used in Grip Sport steel bending as well as the poundage that they have rated in direct testing.

Just a reminder that all steel is not the same and can vary in strength from batch to batch. This is especially true in 1018 CRS and Grade 2 bolts. Grade 5 and Grade 8 bolts will be much more consistent but can also vary.

Length Diameter Shape Type of Metal Rating in Pounds NameComment
8.383/8Round1018 CRS435   
8.383/8Round1018 CRS470   
8.383/8RoundCRS530Tim's Steel 
8.383/8RoundGold Nail550early 2014 non spiral 
8.383/8RoundGold Nail575Older batch  
8.005/16G2 BoltBL245   
8.0010 mmRoundGriprite spike 80d525Taiwan batch shinyThicker 10mm batch
8.003/8RoundTree Island 80d630   
7.003/16RoundO-1 Drill Rod100   
7.007/32RoundO-1 Drill Rod160   
7.00.234RoundO-1 Drill Rod175"A" 
7.0013/64RoundO-1 Drill Rod180   
7.006 mmRoundO-1 Drill Rod210   
7.00.238RoundO-1 Drill Rod210"B" 
7.00.242RoundO-1 Drill Rod210"C" 
7.00.246RoundO-1 Drill Rod215"D" 
7.001/4RoundO-1 Drill Rod215   
7.001/4RoundO-1 Drill Rod230   
7.001/4RoundO-1 Drill Rod235   
7.009/32RoundW-1 Drill Rod255  McMaster W-1
7.00.257RoundO-1 Drill Rod265"F" 
7.00.257RoundO-1 Drill Rod270"F" 
7.0017/64RoundO-1 Drill Rod270   
7.00.261RoundO-1 Drill Rod275"G" 
7.00.261RoundO-1 Drill Rod275"G" 
7.00.290RoundW-1 Drill Rod315  McMaster W-1
7.007 mmRoundO-1 Drill Rod335   
7.00.272RoundO-1 Drill Rod335"I" 
7.00.277RoundO-1 Drill Rod340"J" 
7.00.272RoundO-1 Drill Rod345"I" 
7.009/32RoundO-1 Drill Rod345   
7.009/32RoundO-1 Drill Rod360   
7.00.29RoundO-1 Drill Rod370"L" 
7.009/32RoundO-1 Drill Rod375   
7.001/4SquareCRS FBBC380   
7.0019/64RoundO-1 Drill Rod390   
7.0019/64RoundO-1 Drill Rod390   
7.005/16RoundCRS 12L14395   
7.0019/64RoundO-1 Drill Rod395   
7.00.302RoundW-1 Drill Rod395  McMaster W-1
7.00.302RoundO-1 Drill Rod405"N" 
7.00.295RoundO-1 Drill Rod405"M" 
7.005/16RoundStainless Steel FBBC420Shiny Bastard 
7.005/16RoundCRS420Red Nail 
7.005/16RoundStainless Steel FBBC425Shiny Bastard 
7.005/16RoundW-1 Drill Rod435  McMaster W-1
7.005/16RoundRed Nail435Early 2014 spiral batch 
7.005/16RoundCRS FBBC440Bastard 
7.005/16RoundO-1 Drill Rod440   
7.0021/64RoundO-1 Drill Rod445   
7.0021/64RoundO-1 Drill Rod445   
7.0021/64RoundO-1 Drill Rod445   
7.008 mmRoundO-1 Drill Rod450   
7.0021/64RoundO-1 Drill Rod450   
7.008 mmRoundO-1 Drill Rod460   
7.0021/64RoundO-1 Drill Rod465   
7.0021/64RoundO-1 Drill Rod465   
7.00.332RoundO-1 Drill Rod465"Q" 
7.005/16RoundO-1 Drill Rod470   
7.005/16RoundCRS FBBC475Bastard 
7.003/8HexBrass FBBC475Golden Hexabastard 
7.00.323RoundO-1 Drill Rod475"P" 
7.003/8RoundBrass480Golden Bastard 
7.0021/64RoundO-1 Drill Rod480   
7.0021/64RoundO-1 Drill Rod480   
7.00.323RoundO-1 Drill Rod480"P" 
7.005/16HexCRS FBBC485Hexabastard 
7.003/8G2 BoltG2 Bolt (307A JG)485   
7.005/16RoundO-1 Drill Rod490   
7.00.323RoundO-1 Drill Rod490"P" 
7.00.339RoundO-1 Drill Rod495"R" 
7.003/8G2 BoltG2 Bolt (CLM Galvanized)500   
7.005/16G2 BoltHKT515   
7.003/8G2 BoltG2 Bolt (307A CYI)520   
7.005/16HexCRS FBBC525Hexabastard 
7.003/8G2 BoltG2 Bolt (BXC)535   
7.005/16G5 BoltTriangle535   
7.00.339RoundO-1 Drill Rod540"R" 
7.00.339RoundO-1 Drill Rod540"R" 
7.005/16RoundStainless FBBC545Shiny Bastard 
7.00.339RoundO-1 Drill Rod545"R" 
7.00.332RoundO-1 Drill Rod555"Q" 
7.005/16G5 BoltG5 Bolt565   
7.005/16G5 Bolt565   
7.005/16G5 BoltFNL JH565   
7.003/8RoundCRS (Steel Works)575   
7.00.332RoundO-1 Drill Rod575"Q" 
7.005/16RoundGrade 5 "Edgin"585Black Triangle 
7.003/8RoundCRS (Steel Works)590   
7.005/16RoundStainless Steel590   
7.00.339RoundO-1 Drill Rod590"R" 
7.003/8G2 BoltG2 Bolt (307A DF)595   
7.005/16SquareStainless FBBC595   
7.00.332RoundO-1 Drill Rod595"Q" 
7.0023/64RoundCRS 603   
7.00.332RoundO-1 Drill Rod610"Q" 
7.003/8RoundCRS (Steel Works)615   
7.0011/32Round1018 CRS615   
7.003/8G2 BoltG2 Bolt (BL)620   
7.0011/32RoundO-1 Drill Rod620   
7.00.348RoundO-1 Drill Rod630"S" 
7.003/8RoundCRS FBBC645King of All Bastards 
7.005/16Hex303 Stainless645   
7.005/16SquareCRS FBBC650   
7.003/8RoundCRS FBBC655King of All Bastards 
7.0021/64RoundStainless655Tim's Stainless 
7.003/8RoundCRS FBBC665King of All Bastards 
7.0011/32RoundO-1 Drillrod665   
7.009 mmRoundO-1 Drill Rod670   
7.005/16G8 BoltG8 Bolt685   
7.0011/32Round303 Stainless685   
7.003/8RoundCRS (Crown Bolt)690   
7.005/16SquareCRS FBBC705   
7.0023/64RoundO-1 Drill Rod705   
7.0023/64RoundO-1 Drillrod715   
7.005/16G8 Bolt715   
7.003/8RoundCRS FBBC735King of All Bastards 
7.00.358RoundO-1 Drill Rod770"T" 
7.003/8RoundCRS FBBC780King of All Bastards 
7.003/8RoundO-1 Drill Rod815   
7.003/8RoundStainless FBBC820King of All Shiny Bastards 
7.0010 mmRoundO-1 Drill Rod865   
6.505/16RoundCRS FBBC510Big Bastard 
6.503/8RoundBrass530Big Golden Bastard 
6.505/16HexCRS FBBC565Big Hexabastard 
6.505/16RoundStainless FBBC625Big Shiny Bastard 
6.505/16G5 BoltG5 Bolt650  Strength Estimated
6.503/8RoundCRS (Steel Works 575@7)660   
6.503/8RoundCRS (Steel Works 590@7)680   
6.505/16SquareStainless FBBC685   
6.505/16SquareCRS FBBC750  Strength Estimated
6.503/8RoundCRS FBBC (665@7)765Big King of All BastardsStrength estimated
6.505/16G8 BoltG8 Bolt790  Strength estimated
6.5011/32Round303 Stainless790  Strength estimated
6.505/16SquareCRS FBBC (705@7)820  Strength estimated
6.503/8RoundStainless FBBC945Big King of All Shiny BastardsStrength estimated
6.003/16RoundCRS FBBC130   
6.003/16RoundO-1 Drill Rod130   
6.001/4G2 BoltG2 Bolt (BL)200   
6.001/4G2 BoltG2 Bolt (OF)210   
6.001/4G2 BoltG2 Bolt (307A C81)210   
6.007/32RoundO-1 Drill Rod225   
6.0013/64RoundO-1 Drill Rod240   
6.001/4RoundNail265Sivaco 60d 
6.001/4RoundNail270Sivaco 60d 
6.001/4RoundO-1 Drill Rod290   
6.001/4RoundO-1 Drill Rod300   
6.005/16G2 BoltG2 Bolt (307A)305   
6.001/4RoundNail (Keystone)315   
6.001/4RoundNail (Keystone)315   
6.001/4RoundO-1 Drill Rod320   
6.001/4RoundNail320Sivaco 60d 
6.001/4RoundNail320Grip Rite 60d 
6.00.257RoundO-1 Drill Rod335"F" 
6.001/4RoundNail34060d Nail 
6.00.261RoundO-1 Drill Rod340"G" 
6.001/4HexCRS FBBC355   
6.0017/64RoundO-1 Drill Rod355   
6.0017/64RoundSivaco 60d357Dull gray uncoated 
6.001/4RoundCRS FBBC365   
6.001/4G5 BoltG5 Bolt375   
6.001/4G5 BoltG5 Bolt (Black)385   
6.0017/64RoundO-1 Drillrod385   
6.001/4RoundGrade 5 bolt392Triangle zinc plated 
6.001/4G5 BoltG5 Bolt (TY)400   
6.001/4G5 BoltG5 bolt (JH green)400   
6.001/4G5 BoltG5 Bolt (JH Black)405   
6.001/4RoundNail405Sivaco 60d 
6.0017/64RoundO-1 Drill Rod410   
6.005/16G2 Bolt(BJC)415   
6.001/4G8 Bolt(U)420   
6.001/4G5 BoltLinear "S"425   
6.00.272RoundO-1 Drill Rod430"I" 
6.001/4G5 BoltG5 Bolt (Linear S)435   
6.001/4SquareCRS FBBC435   
6.007 mmRoundO-1 Drill Rod450   
6.00.277RoundO-1 Drill Rod450"J" 
6.001/4G8 Bolt(FNL)450   
6.005/16G2 BoltG2 Bolt (307A JT)455   
6.001/4G8 BoltG8 Bolt460   
6.009/32RoundO-1 Drill Rod465   
6.00.29RoundO-1 Drill Rod470"L" 
6.001/4SquareCRS FBBC480   
6.009/32RoundO-1 Drill Rod480   
6.001/4SquareCRS FBBC485   
6.005/16BoltBolt (S30400)485   
6.001/4G8 BoltG8 Bolt (FNL)490   
6.009/32RoundO-1 Drill Rod500   
6.009/32RoundO-1 Drillrod505   
6.00.295RoundO-1 Drill Rod515   
6.0019/64RoundO-1 Drill Rod520   
6.001/4G8 BoltG8 Bolt (Triangle)525   
6.00.295RoundO-1 Drill Rod530"M" 
6.00.302RoundO-1 Drill Rod535"N" 
6.005/16RoundCRS540Red Nail 
6.003/8RoundBrass FBBC560Huge Golden Bastard 
6.005/16RoundO-1 Drill Rod595   
6.005/16RoundCRS FBBC600Huge Bastard 
6.003/8RoundBrass FBBC600Huge Golden Bastard 
6.005/16RoundCRS FBBC600Huge Bastard 
6.005/16RoundO-1 Drill Rod605   
6.005/16RoundCRS610Huge Bastard 
6.005/16RoundO-1 Drill Rod640   
6.0021/64RoundO-1 Drill Rod645   
6.005/16RoundCRS FBBC665Huge Bastard 
6.005/16HexCRS FBBC675Huge Hexabastard 
6.005/16RoundO-1 Drillrod685   
6.005/16RoundStainless FBBC715Huge Shiny Bastard 
6.005/16HexCRS FBBC735Huge Hexabastard 
6.005/16G5 BoltG5 Bolt745   
6.005/16G5 BoltG5 Bolt (triangle)750   
6.00.332RoundO-1 Drill Rod750"Q" 
6.003/8RoundCRS (Steel Works 575@7)760  Strength estimated
6.003/8RoundCRS (Steel Works 590@7)785  Strength estimated
6.005/16SquareStainless FBBC790  Strength estimated
6.005/16G5 BoltLinear "S"800   
6.0011/32RoundO-1 Drill Rod830   
6.005/16SquareCRS FBBC (650@7)860  Strength estimated
6.005/16G5 BoltG5 Bolt (Linear S)860   
6.005/16SquareCRS FBBC860   
6.003/8RoundCRS FBBC (665@7)880Huge King of All BastardsStrength estimated
6.005/16G8 BoltG8 Bolt910  Strength estimated
6.0011/32Round303 Stainless915  Strength estimated
6.005/16SquareCRS FBBC (705@7)945  Strength estimated
6.003/8RoundStainless FBBC1090Huge King of All Shiny BastardsStrength estimated
5.501/4G2 BoltG2 Bolt (HKT)285   
5.501/4G5 BoltG5 Bolt445   
5.501/4G5 BoltG5 Bolt (JH Black)485   
5.501/4G8 BoltG8 Bolt485   
5.501/4SquareCRS FBBC565   
5.505/16RoundCRS FBBC695Grand Bastard 
5.503/8RoundBrass FBBC720Grand Golden Bastard 
5.505/16HexCRS FBBC790Grand HexabastardStrength estimated
5.505/16RoundStainless FBBC825Grand Shiny BastardStrength estimated
5.5011/32RoundCRS835  Strength estimated
5.505/16G5 BoltG5 Bolt865  Stength Estimated
5.505/16SquareStainless FBBC910  Strength estimated
5.505/16SquareCRS FBBC990  Strength estimated
5.5011/32Round303 Stainless1060  Strength estimated
5.001/4RoundO-1 Drill Rod455   
5.00.261RoundO-1 Drill Rod480"G" 
5.00.257RoundO-1 Drill Rod500"F" 
5.001/4G5 BoltG5 Bolt515   
5.0017/64RoundO-1 Drill Rod540   
5.00.272RoundO-1 Drill Rod640"I" 
5.001/4SquareCRS FBBC660   
5.009/32RoundO-1 Drill Rod675   
5.00.277RoundO-1 Drill Rod680"J" 
5.007mmRoundO-1 Drill Rod690   
5.00.29RoundO-1 Drill Rod720"L" 
5.005/16RoundCRS FBBC805Magnificent BastardStrength estimated
5.00.295RoundO-1 Drill Rod810"M" 
5.003/8RoundBrass FBBC850Magnificent Golden BastardStrength estimated
5.005/16HexCRS FBBC915Magnificent HexabastardStrength Estimated
5.005/16RoundStainless FBBC945Magnificent Shiny BastardStrength estimated
5.0011/32RoundCRS960  Strength estimated
5.005/16G5 BoltG5 Bolt1000  Strength estimated
5.005/16SquareStainless FBBC1050  Strength estimated
5.0011/32Round303 Stainless1220  Strength estimated
4.505/16RoundCRS FBBC935Insane BastardStrength estimated
4.503/8RoundBrass FBBC980Insane Golden BastardStrength estimated
4.505/16HexCRS FBBC1060Insane HexabastardStrength estimated
4.505/16RoundStainless FBBC1090Insane Shiny BastardStrength estimated